Hebrew Charter School

  • Gross Size – 15,000 sqf
  • Status – Complete
  • Client – Hebrew Charter
  • Eight Classrooms
  • Five Special Education Workshops
  • Shared Office Space
  • Breakroom
  • New Restrooms
  • Renovated Elevator Lobby

Kipp Whittier

  • Gross Size – 81,000 sqf
  • Status – Complete
  • Client – KIPP Whittier
  • Axis was hired by KIPP Whittier Charter School and MIS Capital to complete an 80,000+ sqf renovation to a previously closed Philadelphia public school.  Included in this historically significant project was an entire renovation to the exterior of the building including repointing and new storefront/glass, and signage.  On the interior, Axis built-out 30 new classrooms, a full-service cafeteria, gymnasium, and wonderful outdoor playground.

Plymouth Meeting Friends School

  • Out-of-ground project, on existing school campus, New library and additional classrooms, Several “student interactive” outside design elements
  • Gross Size:5000 ft 2
  • The Plymouth meeting friends school engaged becker & frondorf as a construction manager and james bradberry as a project architects to oversee the construction of a new campus building from basic site selection through project turn over. Axis construction was selected as one of the six general contractors to price this project effort. Axis was short listed as one of the three finalists, then later proven to be the qualified/successful bidder.

Russel Byers Charter School

  • 17 Week construction schedule, two story addition with skylights, 6000 SF of underground parking garage converted to classrooms and activity areas, $1.7m project.
  • Gross Size:22935 ft 2
  • Active school parking converted in two phases, includes of a two story addition with skylights to create a secondary entrance for added middle school children. 6000 sqft of underground parking garage converted to classrooms and activity areas. Classrooms were equipped with sliding barn doors with custom graphics and white boards to either close off the classes or open them up for an open air education style. Open ceiling concept with a black retrotherm coating on the ceilings to ease echo and add a taller ceiling element to the project.

Pan American Academy Charter School

  • Gross Size:13495 ft 2
  • Start Date:April 9, 2018
  • End Date:August 2, 2018
  • Status:Complete
  • Client Name:Congreso
  • 20 week construction schedule, renovation of an office space to a school gymnasium. Equipped with a full size standard basketball court and high end finishes. Located in Philadelphia, PA 19133.