Pacifico Auto Group

“Dear Mr. Bostic,

I hope this email finds you well. I am writing to express my sincere appreciation for the exceptional work carried out by members of your team at Axis Construction during the recent completion of our Hyundai dealership project, Pacifico Hyundai.

First and foremost, I would like to commend Brima Conteh, the construction Project Manager, for his outstanding leadership and dedication throughout the project. Brima’s meticulous planning, effective communication, and proactive problem-solving skills were instrumental in ensuring the project’s success. His ability to coordinate various tasks and stakeholders while maintaining a focus on both quality and efficiency was truly remarkable. Thanks to Brima’s efforts, the project was completed ahead of schedule, allowing us to open our dealership to customers sooner than anticipated.

I would also like to extend my gratitude to Dave Cook, the on-site Superintendent, for his invaluable contributions to the project. Dave’s expertise in construction management, attention to detail, and commitment to excellence were evident in every aspect of his work. His proactive approach to addressing challenges and ensuring smooth operations on-site played a crucial role in the project’s success. Dave’s leadership was instrumental in maintaining productivity and ensuring that work progressed according to schedule and budget.

Additionally, I want to recognize Hanna Biggs for her exceptional support in navigating the regulatory landscape and securing all necessary permits for the project. Hanna’s thorough understanding of regulatory requirements, attention to detail, and proactive approach were instrumental in streamlining the permitting process and keeping the project on track. Her professionalism and dedication were greatly appreciated by our team and contributed significantly to the project’s overall success.

This marks our 4th dealership rehab project with Axis, and I must say that each experience reaffirms our confidence in your company. We would wholeheartedly recommend Bill, Steve, and the entire Axis team to anyone seeking a fair price and great service from professionals who truly understand that they are in the service industry.

Thank you once again for your outstanding work, and please extend my appreciation to Brima, Dave, Hanna, and the rest of your team.

Best regards,”